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A rare survivor of the sculptors studio, this stand takes a huge amount of weight, perfect to display sculpture, bronze, stone, orangerie pots, lamps etc.

Fully adjustable and packs down for transporting.

Measures: Adjustable Height - 104cm to 130cm

Depth of tripod base - 69cm

Width of tripod base - 69cm

Square wooden top - 35cm


Alec Tiranti Ltd has been a leading supplier of sculptors equipment since the 19th century. Giovanni (John) Tiranti founded the Company in 1895, as John Tiranti & Co., in High Holborn, and within a year moved to Foley Street, London W1. He later moved to 13 Maple Street, W1, where the Company became John Tiranti Ltd. The Company remained there until 1941, when the building was destroyed by a direct hit with a bomb. Giovanni Tiranti died in 1926, and his two sons Alec and Dom carried on.

Alec Tiranti professional sculptors stand

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